Never before have so many countries been represented. The enjoyable Gullbrannagården, the generous and open participants and the highly qualified speakers made the conference to a great event to remember!

For a full report on the conference, read the overview by Mike Story.

Left: Happy participants of the 8th ECC, looking forward to a great dinner. (Click on the picture to enlarge.)

The presentations were recorded, and are available on CDs with both the video and the slides. It ended up in the following 27 CDs. To order a CD or the whole conference, go to, and then click on webshop. Go to CD & CD-ROM. (Or click here for a direct link to the CD & CD-ROM page.) All titles on CDs from 8th ECC begins with 8th ECC. Additional costs for freight and bank transfer have to be added. Any questions regarding ordering the CD:s – mail to

CD01 a) Dr David Rosevear: The history of ECC
b) Dr Tom Zoutewelle: Scandinavian geology in the perspective of the flood
CD02 Dr André Eggen: Whole genome sequencing: implications for creation research
CD03 a) Dr David Rosevear: The sinking sands of evolution, parts I – IV
b) Dr David Rosevear: The genealogy of Genesis 5
CD04 a) Dr David Rosevear: The origins of life
b) Göran Schmidt: Teaching the origin issue in schools – introduction
CD05 a) Prof. Matti Leisola: Experiences with the textbook ”Evolution – a critical evaluation”
b) Dr Mihael Georgiev: A call for a change in high school textbooks on science in Italy
CD06 a) Mats Molén: Att undervisa om vårt ursprung i skolan (Swedish)
b) Tomas Widholm: Vad får man undervisa om vårt ursprung i skolan (Swedish)
CD07 Göran Schmidt: Att undervisa om vårt ursprung på gymnasiet (Swedish)
CD08 a) Dr Paul Nelson: On common descent
b) Dr Paul Nelson: The concept of Intelligent Design
CD09 Dr Mike Story: Asking the right questions
CD10 Prof. Matti Leisola: 30 years as a non-evolutionist
CD11 Dr Stuart Burgess: The beauty of man
CD12 Hans Weichbrodt: And the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters
CD13 Dr Werner Gitt: The origin of information
CD14 Dr Harald Binder: Is a RNA-world plausible?
CD15 Prof. Matti Leisola: Origin of protein families
CD16 Dr Lee Spetner: Random Mutations Cannot Explain How Life Arose
CD17 Dr Erik Persson: Strong Delusion: Some Reflections on Scientific Naturalism
CD18 Krister Renard: The unreasonable effectiveness of mathematics in the natural sciences
CD19 This CD is no longer available.
CD20 Dr David Tyler: Understanding the Rock Record
CD21 Dr Guy Berthault/Peter Wilders: Misleading geological column
CD22 Dr Alexander Lalomov: Evidences of the flood in geology of the Crimean Peninsula
CD23 Dr Harald Binder: Amber – New insights
CD24 Dr Ioan Strainescu: Axiomatical contributions to the scientific creationist pattern
CD25 Prof Peder Tyvand: Energy, Entropy and Evolution
CD26 Mats Molén: Was there any death before the fall?
CD27 Stefan Gustavsson: The Bible – a trustworthy document?